Closed Circuit Video Inspection

Prevent Fire Hazards with Video Inspections!

Video inspection is the best way to evaluate the interior condition of a flue within your chimney.

The presence of glazed and expanded creosote may be an implication of chimney fire activity. The identification of a hidden breach behind a combustible wall can be a life-saving discovery.

Damaged flue tiles can render a chimney unsafe and should be documented and reported to the homeowner for insurance claims. The inspection process is based on NFPA 211, The National Fire Protection Association Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents, and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances.

A Level I inspection is utilized when verification of the suitability of the chimney or flue for continued service, under the same conditions and with the same or similar appliance or appliances, is needed.

A Level II inspection is indicated when verification of the suitability of the chimney for new or changed conditions of service is needed or when a Level I inspection is not sufficient to determine the serviceability of the chimney. A Level III inspection shall be utilized for concealed areas (caps, crowns, interior chimney wall, etc.) requiring special tools.

A Level III inspection shall be required only for those areas suspected of malfunction or damage that cannot be properly evaluated by a Level I or Level II inspection.